About me

Hello, my name is Hazel Newman.

I’ve had my fair share of injuries and have arthritic knees due to all the dancing and exercises I’ve done throughout my life!  I was fed up of trying conventional medicine that didn’t really work, which led me to alternative therapies.  I found them to be more beneficial.   I loved them so much, that I thought why not train as a therapist and offer it to everyone else.   I started out as a 2nd degree Reiki Master in August 2012 and as of 1st February 2018 I became a Reiki Master Level 3 and Teacher.

In May 2013, I studied Indian Head Massage with the School of Natural Health Sciences.  I then went on to study all my other treatments with the School.  I have enjoyed all my courses and have gained Grade A Diplomas in all of my therapy treatments.  In June 2018 I received a Grade A Diploma in Advanced Reflexology.  Also in 2018 I qualified as a Teacher on the PTLLS Teaching Course Level 3.  This means I will be offering on-line courses soon.  I have also completed a course in Holistic Kinesiology, which asks the body various questions by using gentle muscle testing.

I have always been interested in the Spiritual side of things too.  It was only until I started doing Reiki that I discovered that I had ‘a gift’ – I could hear and see spirit!  I then found Two Worlds Combine – Portland Spiritualist Church in Dorset, UK.  I was a committee member there and joined the Development Circle where I was taught to channel my spiritual and psychic gifts.  I have also achieved a Diploma in Tarot Therapy, which helps enhance my card readings.

I hope you enjoy reading this and thank you for visiting my website.  If I can help you in any way then please do get in touch.

Hazel x