All Psychic and Spiritual readings are carried out at my home.  Click here to book an appointment.


Psychic / Spiritual Tarot Card Readings – 20 mins = €20; 30 mins = €30; 1 hour = €45 per person

Tarot cards are used to give an insight to a persons life at the time of the reading.  Advice is given on how to make the client’s life better and guidance given on their life path.  Connection to the Spirit World may be made during the reading as well.

Email Tarot Card Readings – €20 per person
How it works:
1. You confirm your full name, email address and what area you would like guidance on.
2. You send me the payment of €20 via PayPal or bank transfer (to be confirmed).
3. As soon as I have received payment, I will connect with my Guides and give you a reading. I may even connect with your loved ones from the Spirit World to give you a message (this is not always the case though!)
4. Once I’ve finished the reading I will email it to you within 24 hours.

I do have to say that by Law that these readings are for entertainment purposes only and are only available to persons over 18 years old.

Mediumship – €45 per person

I will connect to loved ones in Spirit and I will try and provide information from them to prove who they are and to pass on any guidance that they may want to give you.  Hopefully I will be able to provide some answers to some questions you may have or you just want to know that they are ok.